Smoked Salmon Fillet

Description: Quick, healthy and easy, smoked salmon fillets make for a great meal during any day of the week.  Forager's sweet and savoury blend balances the rich buttery flavour of the salmon.  Pair with your favourite veggies and sauce and dinner is served!  
    1. Preheat smoker to 250F/120C.
    2. Prep salmon by placing skin down on a foil boat.  Do not spray or add oil as we want the skin to stick and the flesh to release before serving.
    3. Generously coat the salmon with The Feedlot Forager.
    4. Place foil boat with salmon in the smoker.  Smoke for roughly 1 hour or until desired colour and texture has been reached.
    5. Take a flat spatula and slowly work under the salmon fillet to release from the skin.  Serve immediately!
    Hot Tip:
    • Try our Grasslands lemon aioli with this dish.  It pairs beautiful with the salmon for a dipping sauce.