Smoked Brisket


Description:  Also know as the pinnacle of smoked meats, the brisket reigns king and is the centerpiece of the table.  Its beginnings run deep in Texas heritage hailing from small town BBQ joints throughout the great Lone Star state.  If you are looking for a challenge and an impressive crowd pleaser, search no further.  

  • 8kg - 9kg point end (packers cut) brisket.  Preferably Black Angus or Wagyu.
  • Feedlot Crossbreed 
  • Roughly 6' of pink butcher paper
    1. Preheat smoker to 250F/120C. Any hardwoods like hickory, oak, pecan, mesquite, apple, ironbark or a combination will work.  
    2. Trim all hard fat from the brisket.  Leave a 1/4" fat cap on the top of the brisket.  Trim off any loose ends and bits from top and bottom.  Round out the flat corners as needed.  This is more for looks but also for smooth airflow throughout the cooking process.  
    3. Cover top and bottom generously and evenly with Feedlot Crossbreed.  After coating the brisket, it should look as if you pressed it directly into sand.  It might seem like a lot of rub but remember you are working with a large rich cut of meat. 
    4. Smoke for roughly 4-5 hours spritzing with water, apple cider vinegar or pickle juice every 30-45 minutes.  Only spritz the areas that look dry and need a bit of moisture to hold up during the cooking process.  This is usually the thin pieces of the flat and areas of meat that are more exposed to the heat. This also depends on you knowing the hot areas of your smoker.  
    5. Tear butcher paper into two sheets, lay flat on a table and overlap by 6" in the middle.  Pull the brisket and wrap tightly by folding end over end width wise.  The key is to ensure the wrap is tight and no air is leaking out.  This allows for the bark to breathe and to protect the brisket during the remainder of the cook.  Do not use foil (also known as the Texas Crutch).  Foil will soften the meat but you will lose a lot of your bark due as the brisket actually begins to steam. 
    6. Continue to cook until about 200F/93C or until the meat probes like warm butter.
    7. Pull the brisket and rest at room temp until the interior temp is roughly 165F/74C.  
    8. Slice against the grain into pencil thick cuts.  It's very important you slice against the grain - not too thin - not too thick.  
    Serving Size:
    • 15-20
    Hot Tip:
    • It's one thing to write a recipe and try to follow it.  It's another to execute on an amazing brisket that has so many intricacies and small details that matter.  We would suggest doing your own research by watching videos and talking to other pit masters.  Ideally, try to find someone to support you through your first cook. The above is simply a guide.  And remember, there is no perfect brisket.  You will no doubt be underwhelmed by some of your cooks but stick with it and each time you will get better and better!