Single Bite Lamb Riblets

Description: Looking for a one bite explosion of flavour that is a guaranteed crowd pleaser?  Stop here.  These little bites of amazingness pack a punch that is bound to leave your guest blown away.  
  • 4 racks of lamb ribs (see hot tip for butchering recommendations)
  • Pomegranate molasses
  • The Feedlot Grasslands 
    1. Pre-heat smoker to 275F/135C preferably using an orchard wood.
    2. Remove the thin membrane on the back of the ribs.
    3. Apply a nice coating of pomegranate molasses.
    4. Cover generously with The Feedlot Grasslands.  Let sit and come to room temp.
    5. Place ribs on the smoker bone side down and meat side up.  Spritz with pickle or apple juice every 20-30 minutes.  
    6. Cook until the meat probes like warm butter with a skewer.  Depending on your smoker, this typically takes around 2 - 3 hours give or take.
    7. Slice between the bone and serve.  
    Hot Tip:
    • Ask your local butcher* to remove the flap end of the lamb ribs and trim the top layer of fat completely off.  It may seem like a waste but, essentially, you want to maximize the amount of meat and minimize the amount of fat and cartilage otherwise it becomes chewy and far too greasy.  Have the rack cut straight down the middle to make small one bite sized ribs.  *Some butchers will do this better than others so make sure to ask around and you'll find the one who knows this method best!