Description:  So simple yet so good.  Guacamole is one of our favourite entertaining dips and is at the heart of the table for tacos, enchiladas, migas, burritos, and more.

      1. De-seed avocados, scoop into a large bowl and mash with a fork until desired texture is reached.
      2. Fold in remaining ingredients and season with The Feedlot Mexicue and The Feedlot Cattle to taste.
      3. Serve in a molcajete or a decorative bowl of your choice.
      4. Squeeze lime juice over leftovers and cover tightly with plastic wrap to avoid browning.  Use within 24 hours.
        Hot Tip:
        • If you want to make the guacamole a bit spicy, try chopping up some pickled or fresh jalapeños.  You can also add fresh chopped Roma tomatoes for more texture and taste.