Fried Onion Rings

Fried Onion Rings
Description: Who doesn't like a hot stack of perfectly fried crunchy onion rings?  From an entree, to a side or piled high on your favourite burger, these little gems top our list of fun foods to serve at parties and get togethers.   
    1. Preheat deep frier to 350F/180C.
    2. Mix flour with beer and Cattle Call.
    3. Slice your onion to desired thickness and seperate the rings.
    4. Toss onion rings in the batter just enough to coat the outside.
    5. Place onion rings into frier and cook until the desired colour and crispness is reached.
    6. Serve immediately and with your favourite dipping sauce.
    Hot Tip:
    • Try adding your favourite hot sauce to the batter for an extra kick!