It's just Jerky


Beef jerky—more than just a snack, it’s a culinary artefact, steeped in tradition and flavoured by centuries of innovation and travel.

Origins and Evolution

The journey of jerky begins with ancient preservation methods. Native to the Andes, the Quechua people called it 'ch'arki', meaning "dried meat". This technique, vital for survival, was adopted globally as explorers needed durable, long-lasting food sources. The preservation method allowed them to carry nourishing food across vast distances without spoilage.

Jerky Around the Globe

  • North America: Jerky has been a staple of indigenous diets long before European contact, utilising game like buffalo and deer. Seasonings were minimal, focusing on the natural flavours of the smoked meat.
  • Asia: Asian jerky stands apart for its variety and flavour profiles. In countries like China and Korea, jerky is often marinated with a mixture of soy sauce, sugar, spices, and occasionally honey before drying, creating a tender, more flavourful snack.
  • Australia and South Africa: While Australians have adopted similar jerky-making techniques to those in North America, South Africa has its distinct version called Biltong. This includes vinegar in the curing process along with spices like coriander, which imparts a unique tangy and herbal profile. Biltong is also thicker and often softer than the crispier American jerky.

The Rise to Popularity

Jerky's resurgence as a gourmet snack is credited to its health benefits—rich in protein, low in fat, and devoid of preservatives, aligning with contemporary dietary trends. The artisanal food movement has further propelled jerky into the spotlight, embracing exotic flavours and premium ingredients, which cater to a more discerning palate looking for both nutrition and flavour. Pictured below is our own Feedlot BBQ Jerky. Packed with flavour, you're sure to find one that will strike your fancy.

Through centuries, jerky has evolved from a survival necessity to a gourmet delight. Each region of the world brings its unique touch to jerky, making it a global favourite. As health trends continue to favour high-protein snacks, jerky stands poised to remain a popular choice, reflecting both its rich heritage and its modern adaptability.